Businesses are more connected than ever. It is imperative that organizations deliver great customer experiences. Do you have the fundamentals down?

  • Are customers going to the right people the first time or are they being passed to several different agents?
  • How long does it take you to answer phone calls and emails?
  • Are you leveraging your CRM or service management application to its full potential?

Presence for Helpdesk queues and routes calls and emails to the most skilled person and also screen pops customer records in your application to reduce handling time.


  • Gives helpdesk managers the tools and information they need to improve response times, control costs and proactively manage their team’s performance
  • Queue and distribute calls and emails to the most appropriately skilled person, and automatically display customer records in your applications to reduce handling time
  • Priority routing ensures that your most important customers and tasks get attended to first
  • Manage the overload by providing announcements that inform callers about planned outages and known issues
  • Make informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute information displayed on your desktop or mobile device