Customers expect to speak to an agent who has complete access to their interactions for faster resolutions and results. This would increase your contact center results through upselling and cross-selling, while ensuring that preferred channel of communication is used.

Presence for enterprise integrates seamlessly with CRM and back-office applications giving agents a complete 360 degree view of the customers.

Timely access to real-time and historical information like interactions based on dates, time and any other business data to agents equips them with the knowledge and tools to resolve any inquiry resulting in greater customer satisfaction, experience and loyalty


  • 360 degree view of the customer delivers first time resolution
  • Improve customer profitability and retention rates
  • Provide personalized service, no matter which contact channel a customer prefers
  • Improve productivity and efficiency through real-time and historical intelligence
  • Enterprise-class scalability ensures your solution can grow with our business
  • Distributed, multi-node architecture provides resilience and failover capability
  • Leverage existing infrastructure with complete PBX independent integrations to key enterprise applications
  • Task interactions enable process and workflow items to be tracked

It allows us to offer customers their preferred method of communication while giving agents a comprehensive lifecycle-based view of all customer engagement, thereby helping us achieve consistent customer service and ultimately better interaction outcomes. .

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