Presence for Outbound offers fully compliant predictive dialler technology delivering user-friendly, high-performance and flexible outbound campaigns.

Businesses can design and configure their outbound communication efficiently from day one with a solution that seamlessly integrates into their work environment. Intuitive and clearly structured, you can quickly set up and tailor your outbound campaigns with the most efficient use of available resources, saving time and costs.

The vast majority of outbound calls typically fail to connect to the right person, resulting in a significant amount of wasted time and efforts. With Presence, businesses can use technology to get their outbound strategy right.


  • Increase your productivity – agent productivity can be increased by as much as 200% by spending more time speaking and less time dialling
  • Be compliant – variable limits provide compliance with all national and international regulatory rules including OFCOM
  • Delivers high level of accuracy with an award winning answer machine detection
  • Flexible implementation of complex communication process and events into your customer communications
  • Increase profitability – short set-up time giving you lower costs and greater flexibility.

Teleperformance is now able to move agents between project locations independently, which has led to better utilization of the local dialers and reduced telecommunication costs. Additionally, the solution can now be scaled more easily to other sites as required.