Working at VIVA

Working at VIVA

Being a part of us

Our philosophy is to provide employees with an environment for professional growth and development. We strongly believe that intelligent and motivated individuals achieve their fullest potential by collaborating with high caliber professionals, in an environment charged with creativity and innovation. We also believe that individual learning is accelerated when collective knowledge and experience is shared in a team environment that is stimulating, challenging, and fun.

Work Environment

Performance is encouraged and diligence is rewarded in our environment. The company is known for its flexible employment conditions, approach towards work, and diversity in the workplace. We maintain an environment that is a healthy mix of the friendly and the business-like in order to facilitate the individual development of each employee.


Applauding a team member's contribution acts as a catalyst for a prolific and dynamic work culture. We reward team members both collectively, for successful performance of the company as a whole, and individually, for meritorious performance. Sincere appreciation for a job well done is the foundation of our Recognition and Awards Program.


Our long-term results and growth are very closely aligned to the growth of each team member. The projected growth calls for individual enthusiasm, understanding of company's goals, and each member's contribution to the success of the organization. Unflinching support from the management and a system that recognizes performance strengthens this learning and growth process.

Work-Life Balance

We offer flexible work practices to attract the best of professionals. The company helps team members to develop work-life balance strategies that cater to both professional and personal needs, thus increasing individual well-being and productivity.

Flexible working conditions are an integral part of the Company’s Policy. It contends that flexibility in the workplace enables individuals to combine their working career with family life and other commitments, and thus assist them in accomplishing their potential as valued team members.